2010 Tomberlin 6 Passenger LSV


Rent this 2010 Tomberlin 6 Passenger Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV).  These vehicles are beginning to gain in popularity in the area and provide a fun and "green" alternative to driving your car to any destination along scenic hwy 30-A!  It's fully electric and tagged with a license plate so it is legal to drive on any street that is 35mph or less.  With a range of 30 miles per charge, you can pretty much go the entire length of 30A and back!  Just like a car, it has seat belts, turn signals, windshield wipers, mirrors, head, and tail lights, locking glove compartments and trunk.  This LSV even comes with wood grain accented steering wheel, cup holders and chrome sports wheels!

Rental Fees:

$100 Delivery / Pickup fee to all rentals outside of Rosemary, Alys, Seacrest Beach area.

Daily Rates:

$65/day + Rental Admin Fee for Neptune's Retreat Guests (rental period must be equivalent to the number of nights stayed)

$75/day* + Rental Admin Fee for Non-Neptune's Retreat Guests

Weekly Rate:

$455/week (Guests Staying in any property in the Sandy Shores Subdivision)

$525/week (Non-Sandy Shores Guests)

Must be 25 years of age or older to rent this vehicle and all drivers must be licensed. 

Use Restrictions:

Rosemary Beach passed legislation prohibiting the use of LSV’s on their streets. You
are free to drive the LSV on any other streets in the area 35mph or less.

 LSV Rental Agreement